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Applying to the Health Professions

Applying to a health professions program-medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, or any of the other professional programs-- can be challenging, and it is much easier to go through the process with a guide. HPAC can help you prepare and avoid the pitfalls. We can aid you in making the tough choices about careers and schools, and can help you navigate the sometimes complicated application and admissions process.

Mapping Out Your Journey

Preparing for a career in the health professions is not just about learning facts. It is about learning and mastering skills and about abilities and values that help you throughout your life. While there are many resources to learn about the process for preparing and applying to health professions programs, it's important that you consult with HPAC professional staff who have extensive experience guiding students as they prepare for graduate/professional school. It is the student's responsibility, however, to initiate relationships with staff and faculty, staff who are important resources. Relationships with faculty in particular should be established  early in your undergraduate career.

1. Learning Which Health Profession is Best for You
2. Knowing the Health Professions Prerequisite Courses
3. Learning about Extracurricular Activities
4. Working with HPAC to Create a Path to Health Professional School
5. Preparing your Application

Finding Your Path to a Health Professional School

The path students take to health professional school can be as unique and dynamic as the students who are applying themselves. Although there are a few common paths that many students take, the route and rate of how students prepare and apply is completely determined by the student's personal journey and experiences. Below is a general flowchart of what many medical students go through while preparing throughout college. Please use this reference, and others like it, as a general guideline for major milestones; however, do not worry if your own experiences vary slightly. Our professional advisors and peer mentors are available to work with students on their own personal journey to health professional school whether they apply directly out of UC Riverside or they take a more individualized route.

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