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Preparing for a career in the health professions is not just about learning facts. It is about learning and mastering skills and about abilities and values that help you throughout your life. While there are many resources to learn about the process for preparing and applying to health professions programs, it's important that you consult with HPAC professional staff who have extensive experience guiding students as they prepare for graduate/professional school. It is the student's responsibility, however, to initiate relationships with staff and faculty, staff who are important resources. Relationships with faculty in particular should be established  early in your undergraduate career.

Although we are here to help, the path to a health career is long and it takes a lot of dedication and hard work as a student to achieve your ultimate goal. HPAC can help you get started by providing information at the foundation of any pre-health path through our "Introduction to Health Professions Workshop" and our outstanding peer mentor program. Our professional advisors are also here to help you along the way as you become more involved in co-curricular activities and get closer to professional school tests and applying. HPAC is here to assist you along your journey by helping you find your passions and keep you on track to where you want to go. For more information, look at the rest of our website, read about our many workshops, utilize our dedicated group of peer mentors, and schedule an appointment with one of our professional advisors today!


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