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Utilizing a Peer Mentor

Peer mentors are successful pre-health students enthusiastic about sharing their experiences with you. The HPAC peer mentor cohort are highly involved in campus organizations, community programs, and research.  These students share information and provide guidance and encouragement to help you become a well-rounded student and competitive applicant to health professions programs. Students can utilize peer mentors on a drop-in basis to discuss relevant opportunities, such as service, leadership, research experiences and suggestions for success in academic coursework.  Peer mentors share professional interests in health careers ranging from medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, public health, optometry, physician assistant, physical therapy, and veterinary medicine. 

  • Students who have attended an HPAC "Introduction to Health Professions Workshop" may utilize a peer mentor during their drop-in hours - referred to as "Ask a Peer Mentor".
  • Updated peer mentor availability is posted at the beginning of each quarter.
  • If you have basic questions about health profession requirements or becoming more involved, drop by and talk to a peer mentor at your convenience. If you have in-depth questions about courses, long-term career planning, or more personal topics, our professional advisors offer scheduled appointments.

  • HPAC does not hold Ask-A-Peer-Mentor Hours for Summer Quarter. We will resume Ask-A-Peer-Mentor Hours during Fall Quarter.
  • For more information about our peer mentor program, view our peer mentor brochure.

2016-2017 HPAC Peer Mentors


Qi-Rong Chen

4th Year, Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology 

Dr. Isgouhi Kaloshian's Lab - Nematode, Aphids, and Plant Immunity Research

Dr. Jingson Zhang's Lab - Physical Chemistry Research

Change in Scientific Importance for Youth - Vice President

Dr. Bao Lan Sun, DDS, Dental Office - Dental Assistant

Foundation for Worldwide Health, Volunteer

Supplemental Instruction Leader

Compassion Clinic, Volunteer

Kaplan DAT Instructor

RISE Summer Research Program

University Honors Program

Inside UCSF, 2016

CNAS Science Ambassador






Christian Agatep

3rd Year, Neuroscience

Dr. Gu Lab - Cell Biology and Neuroscience Research

Student Alumni Association, President

UCR Alumni Association, Alumni and Engagement Board Member

Medical Career Conference 2015, Chair

RUSD AVID Program, Tutor

Kindling Intellectual Development, Counselor/Outreach Member

Riverside Community Hospital, Health Scholar

Mini Medical School, HIV/AIDS Project Leader

Pain Medicine Medical Clinic, Medical Intern

Austin Chang

4th Year, Biology

Dr. Cutler Lab - Arabidopsis thaliana Research

Flying Samaritans, President

Riverside Free Clinic, Member 

Pre-SOMA, Member

Student Disability Union, Member

Nationally Certified EMT

Campus Safety Escort

UCR Kuwana-Sawyer Award Recipient (Summer RISE Program)

Abigail Burr

4th Year Transfer, Microbiology

Kindling Intellectual Development, Training and Retention Officer

Transfer Student Association, Historian

M.M.S: Diabetes Project, Member

Former Patient Care Assistant/Operating Room Orderly at Orange Coast Memorial Surgical Center

CNAS Science Ambassador

Tau Sigma, Member


Khoi Bach

4th Year, Biology

Riverside Free Clinic, Hygiene Kit Committee

Dr. Perry Lab - Cancer Research

MSSRP 2015

Acts2Fellowship, Member

Medical Scholars Program, Math Academic Coach

Loma Linda University Health, Patient Unit Volunteer

Mini Medical School, Addiction Group

Health Science Partnership, Mentor

AVID Tutor, Corona High School

Future Physician Leaders 2014 - 2015

FastStart 2013 - 2014

Anthony Gobran

4th Year, Biology 

Dr. Tiwari-Woodruff Lab, Multiple Sclerosis Research

Supplemental Instruction Leader, ARC

COPE Health Scholar, Riverside Community Hospital

CNAS Science Ambassador

Healthy Hearts, Recruitment Officer

Coptic Club, Community Service Officer

Medical Scholars Program

University Honors Program

Chancellor's Research Fellow

Intramural Basketball, Team Captain

Catherine Ha

4th Year, Biology 

Dr. Sladek Lab, Soybean Oil Research

ARC HESA Peer Mentor

Pre-SOMA at UCR, Founding Member

Kindling Intellectual Development Program, Program Director

Academic Resource Center, Early Assist Peer Educator

Pediatric Medical Clinic, Medical Assistant Intern

University Honors Program

Clinical Care Extender Internship

Riverside Free Clinic - Stress Relief Committee Member

Future Physician Leader - 2016


Arpita Gupta

3rd Year, Biochemistry

University Honors Member

Resident Advisor, Pentland Hills

Mini Medical School, Wellness Group

Riverside University Health System, Volunteer

Huntington's Disease Association, Vice President

Future Physician Leaders

MSRIP Summer Research Program

Dr. Liu Lab - Department of Bioengineering

Dr. Messaoudi Lab - Biomedical Sciences Research

Hyemin Kim

3rd Year, Biochemistry

American Medical Women's Association, Secretary & Events Chair

Mini Medical School, HIV/AIDS Project Member

Redlands Community Hospital, Volunteer

University Honors, Pillar Writer

Vu Pham

4th Year, Biology

The Riverside Free Clinic, Clinic Monitor

ARC Early Assist, Peer Educator

Medical Scholars Program, Peer Mentor

Health Sciences Partnership, Mentor

Mini-Medical School, Addiction

Clinical Care Extender, Volunteer

Future Physician Leader 2015

FastStart 2013

Ryan Kim

3rd Year, Biology

Academic Resource Center, Supplemental Instruction Leader

CNAS Science Ambassador

APSP Peer Mentor

David Rosenbaum Lab - Cognition and Action

Kindling Intellectual Development, Member

Riverside Community Hospital, Volunteer

Aaron Lai

4th Year, Environmental Sciences

Dr. Eastmond Lab - Toxicology Research

Riverside Free Clinic, Social Services Committee officer

Riverside Community Hospital, Clinical Care Extender

CNAS Science Ambassador, Secretary

University Honors Program

Academic Resource center, SI Leader and Tutor

Highlander Newspaper, Staff Photographer

Grace Lee

3rd Year, Business Economics

Supplemental Instruction Leader

AmeriCorps Tutor

Secretary - American Medical Student Association Club

Dr. Larsen Lab - Wittig Reactions

Hospital in Riverside, Volunteer

Steven Lee

4th Year, Biochemistry

Riverside Free Clinic, Diabetes Committee

COPE Health Scholars, Department Coordinator

Kindling Intellectual Development (KID), Secretary

Health Science Partnership, Mentor

UCR School of Medicine - San Bernadino Free Clinic Research Team

Future Physician Leaders, 2016

Arrowhead Regional Hospital - Summer Shadowing 

Matt Jason Llamas

4th Year, Neuroscience 

Dr. Carson Lab - Microglia and CNS Immunity

University Honors, Discussion Leader

Academic Resource Center, Tutor

Phi Delta Epsilon, Academics Chair

CNAS Science Ambassador, Vice President of Tours

Loma Linda University Medical Center, Medical Scribe

Riverside Free Clinic, Fundraising Committee

Clinical Care Extender, Volunteer

Resident Advisor, West Lothian

Highlander Orientation Leader, Special Returner

Literacy Project, Volunteer

First Year Mentor Program, Peer Mentor

University of Oxford, Young Entrepreneurial Scholar 2015

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center - Shadowing

Maria Pena-Felix

4th Year Transfer, Neuroscience

SOM Research Intern - San Bernadino Free Clinic

SMDEP (SHPEP) - Columbia University

Flying Samaritans - Member

Health Scholar - Riverside Community Hospital

Future Physician Leader

Inside UCSF


UECC AmeriCorps - Mentor


Mostafa Naghshbandi

4th Year, Neuroscience 

Healing Hearts Across Borders, Volunteer

Faststart Summer 2013

Loma Linda Hospital, Volunteer

On-campus research with Dr.Leonard Mueller, Department of Chemistry

Unnatural Causes, Co-president

Mini Med School, Member - Alzheimers Awareness group

On-campus research with Dr. Aaron Seitz, Department of Psychology

RISE Summer Research Fellowship, Summer 2014

MSRIP/MSP Summer Research Program Summer 2015, 2016

Medical Scholars Program, Member

Jesus Medina

Jesus Medina

4th Year, Biology

Riverside Free Clinic, Medical Spanish

Health Sciences Partnership, Mentor

Dr. Carson Lab - Biomedical Sciences

Mini Medical School, Addiction Project Leader

Latino Union, Member


Latino Medical Student Association Plus, Vice President

Medical Scholars Program, Organic Chemistry Academic Coach

FastStart 2013

George Whorton

Amanda Schaaf

4th Year, Biology

University Honors Program, Member

Dr. Walling Lab - Insect Resistance

Dr. Perry Lab - Protein crystallography & drug discovery

Supplemental Instruction Leader

CNAS Science Ambassador

Kindling Intellectual Development, Training & Retention Officer

Hope Hospice, Volunteer

Mission to Nicaragua with Loma Linda Dental School, Volunteer

RISE Research Program


Sam Granados

4th Year, Neuroscience

Dr. Mednick Sleep and Cognition Lab, Research Assistant and Technician

UCR School of Medicine - San Bernadino Free Clinic, Research Intern

Phi Sigma Pi National honor Fraternity, President

Health Scholar Internship, Riverside Community Hospital, Department Coordinator

Highlander Orientation Leader

Health Sciences Partnership, Mentor

Mini Medical School Member

The Literacy Initiative

University Honors Program Member

Teach for America, Campus Campaign Coordinator



Julia Shao

4th Year, Biochemistry

Academic Resource Center, Tutor

Precision For Vision, Member

Eye Studio Optometry, Optometrist Assistant



Trina Ho

4th Year, Biology

Dr. Volz Lab - Environmental Toxiciology Research

University Honors Member

Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, Certified Pharmacy Technician

California State Board of Pharmacy, Licensed Pharmacy Technician

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Pharmacy Clerk

Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital, Pharmacy Technician

Veterans Affairs Loma Linda, Clinical Observer

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Volunteer

Veterans Affairs Loma Linda, Volunteer

Norint Tung

3rd Year, Chemistry

Academic Resource Center, Tutor

Dr. Morton Lab - Organic Chemistry Research

Future P.I.L.L.S., Vice President

Chemistry Club, Member

California State Board of Pharmacy, Licensed Pharmacy Technician

Kindling intellectual Development, Member

Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) Member

CNAS Science Ambassador

RCRMC Hospital, Pharmacy Volunteer


Physician Assistant

Dakota Le

3rd Year, Biochemistry

Riverside Community Hospital Health Scholar Program, Volunteer

Physician Assistants of Tomorrow, Treasurer

Student Homeless Aid Relief Project, Fundraising Chair

Academic Intervention Peer Mentor

Justin Peng

4th Year, Biology

Dr. Larive's Lab - Analytical Chemistry Research

Inland Valley Hospice - Volunteer

Aberdeen-Inverness Residential Hall - Program Coordinator

Inland Vineyard Medical Mission - Volunteer

Kindling Intellectual Development - Treasurer



Vincent Poon

3rd Year, Biology

Dr. Reznick Lab - Evolutionary Biology Research

Kaiser Pemanente, Volunteer

San Gabriel Valley Hospital, Volunteer

Migraine Awareness Club, Public Affairs


Veterinary Medicine

Natalie Wong

4th Year, Entomology

Dr. Mullens Lab - Medical/Veterinary Entomology Research

Chancellor's Fellowship Recipient

UCR Pre-Veterinary Club, Vice President

Poultry Veterinarian Ride-Along, Volunteer

Mary S. Roberts Vaccination Clinic, Volunteer

Arlington Animal Hospital, Volunteer

Valencia Veterinary Center, Volunteer

Sigma Elite Equestrian Nutrition Team, Volunteer

Smoking Gun Ranch Germand Shepherd Pregnancy Watch, Volunteer

Mr. Joe's Farm, Volunteer

Flying Samaritans, Member


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